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June 2021

Why Your Law Firm Should Hire A Courier Service

By | Edmonton Delivery Service

Legal documents that don’t make it to their destination on time? That’s a disaster you can’t even imagine. A missed deadline can make the difference between settling out of court or going through a long, drawn-out trial. When it comes to your legal documents, you need assurance that they’ll be delivered in time. Here are four reasons why you need a professional courier service for your law firm.

Records & Accountability

Couriers keep immaculate records. You’ll always have a record proving your documents made it to their destination. Signatures are required on delivery so if there’s ever an issue, later on, you know who to contact.


Speedy Delivery

When it’s down to the wire, you want a courier who knows the quickest route. A professional courier knows the streets like the back of their hand. They know which roads have the least traffic and how to get to their destination as fast as possible. So if you’ve procrastinated or overlooked an important signature, a professional courier is the one to rely on.


Rush or Express Service

Courier firms often provide express delivery as an additional service. With guaranteed express service, you know your package is getting where it needs to go with plenty of time to spare. Couriers will do whatever they need to do to get your documents where they need to go. At Propello, we pride ourselves in offering numerous time frames for our clients, so if your looking for a courier service in Edmonton, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Because It’s Their Job

Why send out a law clerk to deliver documents when you can employ a courier? A courier’s one and only job is delivering documents. They aren’t trying to make deliveries between their other responsibilities. Couriers are motivated to meet the deadline because their reputation is riding on it. If courier firms don’t get packages where they need to go, they lose business. If you’re serious about the professionalism of your law firm, you need a professional courier service.


Ready for a courier service you can trust? At Propello Delivery Service, our clients rely on us for dependable service, superior logistics management, and professional drivers. For all your Edmonton courier service needs, reach out to us, and let’s chat about how we can assist in growing and running your business efficiently and effectively.